Ed Tech

Class Description and Practices:

This course will cover a great amount of material in and out of class. In addition to attending lecture while note taking, students will be obliged to participate actively in discussion, to demonstrate one piece of software to the class, to create a presentation in a pre-approved format as a final project. There will be frequent pop quizzes, and two exams. As we only meet fifteen times it is critical that you do not miss class. The quizzes will reflect the assigned reading, while the written exams will reflect your response to lecture. These exams are not a regurgitation of facts, but are, rather, a structured opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the major premises of lecture and class discussion. If you miss class, it will damage your success. Four absences will result in an automatic failing grade.


By the end of the semester it is anticipated that students will have participated in the creation of one presentation with approved software, will have demonstrated and shared a critique of one piece of educational software, Will have satisfactorily completed two written examinations and an unspecified number of quizzes.


In addition to the items listed above there will be a number of opportunities for students to participate in hands-on activities according to the software to which we have access as the semester proceeds. These activities will fall under the heading of "participation," and the product of these activities will fall under the heading of "projects." The rest of the participation score will derived from frequency and quality of contribution during discussion. Special consideration will be given for those who are witty and intelligently argumentative.

  • Quizzes 25%
  • Exams 25%
  • Participation 25%
  • Projects 25%

Quizzes will be graded with a plus, check, minus, and zero score.

  • Plus   equals  100%
  • Check equals 80%
  • Minus  equals 60%
  • Zero equals 0%