Lecture Ten

Remember that we will be discussing the value of online communities and so on on line on the 12th @ 7PM

Notice Assignment Page for Next Week

You must get there early enough to be signed on and ready to go by 7:10.

The url is
http://www.tappedin.org you must log in with the password and whatnot from two weeks ago...

We will meet in my office which is 3418 in the Tapped in building.

PLease DO NOT all meet in the big PC lab. I am cancelling class and it will be open but it is NOT the best place to do this. Think of going BY YOURSELF to office sim, the library, or from your home...

You must contribute FIVE times minimum with salient input to get an A on this assignment.

The text is emailed to me so I just count it up later.

be prepared to share why you think this is or is not a good method of instruction...

When? Why?

How is this different from a threaded discussion tool?

How many is too many?

How is it different than a conference call?

Finally, have the reading notes from last meeting with you to discuss if there is time...

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