falling down stairs

I held her but I did not mean to hold her
then when I tried to pull away I lost my step
I was lost in the warmth and wanted to wrap
Her flavors and limbs and strength around mine
like when I fell down stairs holding skeins of silk

as I pounded dumbly down the hard steps I felt with
each impact also softness of the cloth and the ends
that bound my arms and legs, encumbered limbs
I continued to twist down now tangled beyond
rescue in this soft chain that wrapped around me

loose silken strands that I had carried to the edge
now tighten and curl over me while I plummet
faster down felt bricks, these unravel and bind
my helpless limbs to themselves as descent is impeded
by the constant cadence of my efforts striking down

yet I cannot free myself from this tangle of softness
and I continue in damaged descent while hoping to
survive the jarring rhythmic rolling I feel must persist
if one can be conscious of losing consciousness
I was momentarily aware that I was losing mine

She looks up from pressing herself to me and smiles
(Another cord coils tightly around my wrist)
I look at her pretty face through strands of light hair
(and feel the bond tighten around my bare back)
she laughs, sighs, rolls to her side (I see the next step)

I try to rise but find to my surprise that I roll toward
Not away from her soft waist as she goes under my
Weight, I smile and face to face we roll down again
Next notch still beyond conscious control I relax
And feel this silk constrain my surrendered limbs

She is smiling below me again holding virtue tightly
With her legs she comes up again to see that I
Have no will except to roll down this flight with her
Wrapped tightly around me. And she breathes on my
Captured neck, and I shudder from deep within

But now move with her as she finds her place above
And then below as we both tumble wrapped tighter
And faster now as we descend together in blindness
And where I end and where she begins becomes a blur
Of us pounding down steps to the end of our charge

I lie on the lower landing, still caught up in yards
Of fabric, breathing hard knowing that this was almost
My last, this misstep, yet while gasping for my breath
I feel the softness on my face, while I am still constrained
I sigh and cannot be but fond of this my almost death

thoughts on this stumble