you are looking at my watch

you are stealing glances down at my wrist
my blind wrist
who does not care about your light eyes
away from my eyes
who are jealous of that wrist

is time so important?
I suppose that it must be
as you work through your countdown
the days tick by
tick until you can breath

tick until you can see
if you were right in always looking away
always just missing the moment by
paying too much attention to the moments
holding your breath

and how can six years waiting, breathless
with this constant ticking in the background
be replaced by no watch at all?
then when do you inhale?
when is it time?

ticking is that contest
if you wait well and longer, you win
but you think that you want that breath
maybe it’s the waiting you want

    Is the ticking that you hear
ever louder as this countdown winds down
your heart pounding as you
choose not to breath

as I hold you, you choose not to breath
still counting down quietly
knowing that you dare not lose count
and I distract your counting

holding that perfect smile
as they applaud and you want to gasp for air
but you wait with that smile on your face
the smile and holding your breath as you wait

but you must reconcile
yourself to your dreams
and you think that this is about
time and breathing
when it is not
so you look at my watch and hold your breath
and are mostly in the room
your smile is

as you glance down at my watch