weather shifts

as clouds gathered before, now they turn and dissolve
capricious and acting without intent they diminish
the storm felt like it would could not pass
she stood there defiant looking up
at rain feeling that she would be
washed away but unwilling
to brook compromise
with rain falling
she did not

she was
surprised by the
rain’s ceased existence
and then the grief could rise
like the misting steam lifting off
her wet body with the clutches of
sullen clothing now drying and the sadness
that she half expected to be her wedding dress
will, it seems lift, and let her lost joys replace seriousness
with this amazing surprise: pleasure at being alive and breathing

with a new sun regaining his place
the unfamiliar sense of peace fills
that expanse beneath her breast
and when it was her fight to smile
she is now surprised that she can do
nothing except realize why only
this still peace remains when she
took no prescription to induce its
presence as it will sneak beneath
her sighs and replace her dread
with hope instead as she lifts her
eyes to smile at new sun that she
has thought had forsaken her,
yet it was only the long storm,
while now she dries warm again
she will no longer fear her weather